SS Kids Plant Tators & Make Grilled Cheese Sandwiches!



Maria, a committed volunteer teacher, and two students find a place in nature where they can practice reading– strengthening literacy skills are an important part of the SS program.

Two Sowing Seed program days ago, along with learning how to make tomato-basil grilled cheeses, the kids uncovered the great treasures that have become all too rare as gardening and farming has become less culturally prevalent—foods hiding just below our feet! This day’s find was potatoes that they had planted a few months ago. They could not have been more excited, which makes us equally excited: to witness young people enlivened not by commercial products of distraction, but by something real and nourishing and living.


(Above: SS Kids harvest the potatoes they planted some months ago now ready to be discovered and enjoyed.)

The program day began with tomato harvesting for their grilled cheese sandwiches. Along with tomatoes, some students chose to add food forest peppers and basil. They cooked their sandwiches in a toaster oven at the top of the food forest. They also had locally foraged apples to pair with their sandwiches as their snack for the day….thanks to Taylor’s love of foraging.



Following the lesson on how to cook and prepare a tomato grilled cheese, the kids enjoyed their sandwich and then everyone made their way towards the end of the food forest to harvest the potatoes that SS teachers recognized were now ready to be discovered and enjoyed. The kids were incredibly excited as they uncovered one after the other. And it only inspires us towards ensuring that more young people have the opportunity to be in such close relationship with their food, and such direct participation in its growth. There is no feeling quite like the one I have observed time and again when people, young and old, harvest the fruit of what was once a tiny seed placed in the ground with hope.


The kids gathered their treasure and were able to carry their fill back home with them to enjoy in a family meal or as a snack.




To close the day’s exciting events, the children planted summer squash seeds with growing vision of the magic that can come to fruition when just a single seed is placed in the ground with tender hope.



(Aug. 2, 2017)

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