BIU Sowing Seeds Program



A student’s “self portrait” on the bottom of their bird feeder gourd!


Bird feeder gourds hanging to dry at the food forest

Two Sowing Seeds programs ago opened with one of our junior teachers offering a meditation for the group. A junior teacher is a new role we have created for Sowing Seeds students who are older than 10 years old, who have been in the program now for one year, and who have demonstrated both leadership skills and the ability to care for and support their peers. We seek to support young leaders with opportunities to hone their skills and discover their passions.


After the meditation, we began the day’s craft, which was to create hand painted gourds to hang in the trees as birdfeeders and to support the birds with some extra nourishment through the colder months.



Before the SS kids went home, we gathered all the gourd seed that they had collected and packaged so that we can add these to their personal seed library that we have been working on this year.

Take a look at some of their beautiful creations~

Also, pumpkins were ready to harvest today! Join us at Food Forest Friday for the pumpkin pie we will cook up for the event!


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