Gardener Stories: The Manleys

Molly & Matthew’s Mandala Garden

It is Spring Time again and the excitement of fresh vegetables looms in the air – hovering just above the dread you feel for all the time you need to spend in preparation and the work you are about to do on the front end so you can enjoy those veggies in the coming months. I have the same feelings each year; however, I never regret the time I spend gardening. It is always worth the commitment I make each season because it is so rewarding. The physical work and the access to healthy produce are good for the body. Time spent planning, executing tasks in solitude or with a companion, and seeing the fruits of your labor are all good activities for the mind. And I truly believe that growing your own food is an activity that makes us more human. Working the land and facilitating the growth process connects us with nature in a way that is deep, elemental, and soulful. That’s why I have to push past that fear of not having the time or energy to prepare my garden – because gardening is good for the body, mind and soul.

Matthew & Molly Manley
Year 2 BIU Participant

The veggies are worth it!

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