BIU Testimonials

Build It Up East TN has reached out to plant seeds in the lives of many people in our community and have found that these people have planted seeds in ours. We cherish the relationships that have grown through growing! The stories of people’s initiative and vision to take the skills we have shared and turn it into something dedicated, creative, and life-giving, continues to inspire us. Here are a few of these voices~

“My name is Abigayle Cowden, I’m 15 years old. Build It Up East TN helped me to start my own garden and business two years ago. I live in Jonesborough TN. Build It Up also inspired me to write a grant for my FFA chapter at David Crockett High School. I got 2,500 dollars and put in a community garden and planted trees on campus to donate to local food banks. I love playing in the soil and growing food.”

“I can’t help but reminisce about our first site visit from Taylor and Shae early in 2016. All that was in our backyard at that time was a small fenced area where we had attempted and failed at beekeeping and another small fenced area where we had attempted and failed at gardening. As we walked our backyard with Taylor and Shae, we mostly just had a lot of dreams and the strong desire to homestead. In one short year, we now have a hoop house with tomatoes (started from seeds we saved from last year) and strawberries growing. We have a chicken coop with 6 chickens, a duck house with 9 ducks, garlic growing …pepper plants started from seeds saved from last years crop, all kinds of berry plants, and a 37’ x 50’ garden we are working on getting ready for Spring planting!…. Our lives have been transformed in one short year…As we look back at how much transformation one year has brought to our lifestyle, it makes us excited about what another year in Build It Up will mean to our family!!”

-Cassi Lane