Our Partners

We are supported by a number of amazing organizations.  Please check out our partners!


arcdlogo Appalachian RC&D Council

“Our mission is to conserve natural resources and improve rural economies through community leadership and enhanced educational opportunities.  We work tirelessly to preserve our heritage, promote local growers/producers and protect the lands of past generations so that future generations may be able to enjoy the natural wonders our region has to offer.”

The ARC&D is our fiscal sponsor, providing us our 501(c)3 status.

 grow app logo small Grow Appalachia

“Grow Appalachia is planting the seeds for a sustainable future. Despite a rich agricultural history, family farming and gardening have become less popular and less profitable in Appalachia, limiting access to healthy, affordable food. Grow Appalachia seeks to solve pervasive food insecurity issues by restoring the relationship between the people and the land.”

Since 2014, we’ve been one of Grow Appalachia’s partner sites training rural community members to grow their own food.  Grow Appalachia supported the community garden in Erwin, TN and is now supporting our project to help at least 10 new gardeners sell produce at local markets.

 Group FF pic small Targeted Community Crime Reduction Project (TCCRP)

The City of Johnson City received an $800,000 grant to reduce crime in certain targeted neighborhoods in town.  We’ve been working in partnership with the Johnson City Police Department to create a community edible park in the Mountain Home neighborhood near the VA.  In 2014, we planted over 20 fruit and nut producing trees and shrubs at this location.

 Workday kids small Johnson City Alternative High School

In conjunction with Sheri Cooper, the Employability Skills Coach for the high school, we are helping to maintain an existing community garden on the school’s property.  The site contains many raised beds, a greenhouse, pear and apple trees and a grape vine.

 ALA logo small Appalachian Learning Academy
“The mission of the Appalachian Learning Academy is to provide a challenging and engaging learning environment that recognizes and nurtures the individual child in a multi-age classroom setting.  The motive is to challenge each student to develop creativity, curiosity, intellectual and personal independence, as well as a sense of respect and responsibility towards others and our environment.”The Tree Streets Food Forest is located on the same property used by the ALA.  The kids often participate in our planting days, cob building and other activities on the site.