Shae Keane

BIU Backyard Gardeners: The Scott’s

Raising kids to eat healthy, real food is difficult in an age of Coke, Chee-tos, and candy. My kids bring home lollipops from ​the bank, cookies from the grocery store, pixie stix from school, and buckets of candy everywhere they go in the months of Easter and Halloween. At birthday parties, they are given juice […]

Build It Up Backyard Gardeners: Shaye Bright & family 1

We began our gardening career this year as complete gardening newbies. My experience with plants was limited to the sad little containers of basil and aloe that sat in my kitchen window sill. Although my husband and I had both grown up with lots of fresh veggies from our grandparents’ gardens, we had never taken […]

BIU Backyard Gardeners: Joe and Sonya Miller

May 22, 2017 For my 49th birthday, I got three stents, a bill for about $100,000, and a second chance at life. I have taken advantage of it! Why Fresh? I was reminded I was supposed to be writing a “blog” for our gardening grant. And since the instructions were to write anything about our […]

BIU’s Sowing Seeds Kids – Water the Earth and Water Each Other

This week the kids got to taste some of the fruits of their labor during Sowing Seeds! At the beginning of our time together, Taylor pointed out the Elderberry flower blossoms and showed the different stages of development. The kids were then instructed to cut off a flower section that was white and opened up. These […]

BIU Backyard Gardener: Laura Webb

My family and I were very excited to have found a gardening support group in our area. We built a garden box a couple years back but didn’t find the opportunity to attempt to grow anything until last year. There were a few successes but we were not very confident in our efforts as many […]