SS Kids Plant Tators & Make Grilled Cheese Sandwiches!

  Two Sowing Seed program days ago, along with learning how to make tomato-basil grilled cheeses, the kids uncovered the great treasures that have become all too rare as gardening and farming has become less culturally prevalent—foods hiding just below our feet! This day’s find was potatoes that they had planted a few months ago. […]

BIU Backyard Gardener: Billie Anderson

  July 27, 2017 by Billie Anderson Today Lexy came to visit our garden and I asked her about writing my blog entry.  She answered questions and gave us some valuable tips.  She is a fantastic mentor and I am very grateful for her help. We are thrilled to be a BIU Gardening family this year.  Our […]

BIU Backyard Gardener: Jocelyn & Family

My grandparents gardened in their suburban yard many years ago, and my grandmother was a great nourisher of indoor plants. My parents, however, had different hobbies and skills. I wanted a garden. I enjoy cooking, and also have to supply myself with healthy food to manage an autoimmune disorder. I knew that I knew very […]

BIU Backyard Gardener: Stephanie Bernard

Give Peas a Chance… This has been my first year in the Build It Up program and the benefits have been amazing. Do I have it all figured out? Of course not. I’m years away from mastery of anything! However, the methods I have learned and the resources the program   has provided (specifically the people!!) […]

BIU Backyard Gardener: Areanna Curley

I have always loved gardening but I never really had the time or resources to do it. I found out about Build It Up when I saw the application on Facebook. I applied because I thought “Why not? The worst they can say is no”. To my surprise a few weeks later I got an […]

BIU Backyard Gardeners: The Scott’s

Raising kids to eat healthy, real food is difficult in an age of Coke, Chee-tos, and candy. My kids bring home lollipops from ​the bank, cookies from the grocery store, pixie stix from school, and buckets of candy everywhere they go in the months of Easter and Halloween. At birthday parties, they are given juice […]