BIU Backyard Gardener: Stephanie Bernard

Give Peas a Chance… This has been my first year in the Build It Up program and the benefits have been amazing. Do I have it all figured out? Of course not. I’m years away from mastery of anything! However, the methods I have learned and the resources the program   has provided (specifically the people!!) […]

BIU Backyard Gardener: Areanna Curley

I have always loved gardening but I never really had the time or resources to do it. I found out about Build It Up when I saw the application on Facebook. I applied because I thought “Why not? The worst they can say is no”. To my surprise a few weeks later I got an […]

BIU Backyard Gardeners: The Scott’s

Raising kids to eat healthy, real food is difficult in an age of Coke, Chee-tos, and candy. My kids bring home lollipops from ​the bank, cookies from the grocery store, pixie stix from school, and buckets of candy everywhere they go in the months of Easter and Halloween. At birthday parties, they are given juice […]

Build It Up Backyard Gardeners: Shaye Bright & family 1

We began our gardening career this year as complete gardening newbies. My experience with plants was limited to the sad little containers of basil and aloe that sat in my kitchen window sill. Although my husband and I had both grown up with lots of fresh veggies from our grandparents’ gardens, we had never taken […]

BIU Backyard Gardeners: Lisa Pattison

This is our first year with BIU, and the experience has been rewarding! My family has always experimented with backyard gardening, but over the decades and dozens of tomato plants and dreams of homegrown tomato bounty, we’ve yet to find a green thumb among us. This year, we decided to put more planning and education […]

Garden Blog with Lexy

Welcome to my garden!  I moved into my house in the Fall of 2012 and have been gardening here since the summer of 2014.  I started with three small raised beds and am now up to 13!  I keep eyeing the rest of my lawn, so it’s likely to keep expanding.   To build the […]