BIU Homeschool Adventures

Build It Up values and loves to host educational opportunities for students. One of the educational experiences we offer is for homeschool groups. The Food Forest is our classroom. Food Forest Adventure Days are focused on cultivating experiences of discovery and wonder amongst the children.

There is generally structured learning, such as plant identification, plant and seed anatomy, group inquiry, and planting– and also some time for the children to connect in nature. It is important to us that we not only share knowledge, but also hold space for children to discover their own connection and peace in relationship with the natural world. This is part of our initiative to address what Richard Louv has called “Nature-Deficit Disorder”– which is not truly a diagnosis, but rather the name he has chosen for this cultural trend of young people away from play outdoors and towards electronics– TVs, phones, iPads instead.

Build It Up seeks to guide young people back towards play, learning, and connection in nature– such that it builds resiliency, is a source of peace in a chaotic world, and is a reminder for young people that they are connected to everything.

At a homeschool Food Forest Adventure Day, students observe different seeds and then study and talk about the anatomy of a seed.


Contact Shae Keane at for more information or to schedule a homeschool Food Forest Adventure day.