Market Gardens 2015

A Mamma and Her Son’s Garden

I’ve always loved fresh, locally grown veggies but never had the time or experience to garden in the past. Last October, my son and I were blessed to find, a home to buy and found ourselves with a beautiful lawn of rich soil begging to be cultivated – the perfect lawn for this long time […]

Welcome to the Bashor Homestead 1

A year ago my husband, three kids, and I bought and moved into our first home in Jonesborough, TN. It was always our dream to raise our children in the country, so this house outside city limits and atop a sloping 1.6 acres, was ideal for us. We had always kept a small garden in […]

Meet Mary Beth & Joe

Joe and I met last fall and we became immediately inseparable.  Although we had many shared interests I had dabbled in the green arts for several years while he was new to gardening.  When we heard about the Market Gardener program we were both excited and hopeful that we could participate.  When we found out […]

Market Garden info meeting

Market Gardener Program Now Accepting Applications!

It was a busy week last week for us, getting ready for the community meeting on Jan. 31st.  We had an article published in the Johnson City Press about the meeting and our grant from Grow Appalachia.  This generated a lot of interest in the project!  We estimate that about 70 people filled the room […]

Announcing the Market Gardens Program!

Below is our press release to area media outlets with our announcement for the 2015 Market Gardeners Program.  If you or someone you know is interested in growing produce for sale on a small scale, then please attend our information meeting on January 31st.  More info below and on the Market Gardens section of our website. […]