BIU Backyard Gardeners: The Scott’s

Raising kids to eat healthy, real food is difficult in an age of Coke, Chee-tos, and candy. My kids bring home lollipops from ​the bank, cookies from the grocery store, pixie stix from school, and buckets of candy everywhere they go in the months of Easter and Halloween. At birthday parties, they are given juice […]

BIU Backyard Gardeners: Joe and Sonya Miller

May 22, 2017 For my 49th birthday, I got three stents, a bill for about $100,000, and a second chance at life. I have taken advantage of it! Why Fresh? I was reminded I was supposed to be writing a “blog” for our gardening grant. And since the instructions were to write anything about our […]

BIU Market Gardeners: Foodtopia at Science Hill Alternative Center

My name is Sheri Cooper. Officially, I am the Employability and Transition Counselor for Science Hill High School and the Build It Up, East Tennessee Market Garden Coordinator; but, in reality, most people call me Cooper. My best days are filled with students and families learning and growing with the sweet opportunity of life. I […]

BIU Sowing Seeds Kids Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Bees, Honey, & Wildcrafted Jewelry

Yesterday at Sowing Seeds we focused on learning about bees and their role as pollinators. We compared honeybees and bumblebees in particular. We began our program day with a game of “Pollination!” Each student was given one piece of pollen. Flowers were placed in a big circle on the ground. Taylor played honeybee swarm music […]

BIU Backyard Gardeners: The Melendez Family

We don’t homeschool. We lifeschool. How fortunate we are to have discovered a community of friends who guide us in guiding our children! Our homeschooling adventure took a wonderful turn during the summer of 2016. Yes, we have textbooks.  Yes, we sit at our table and do Math and Science and History and Geography.  But, […]