Build It Up strongly believes in community education and we try to host workshops as frequently as we can.  Sometimes we are sharing the expertise of our own members and sometimes the workshops are led by local experts.  News about upcoming workshops will be posted on our Events page.  Please feel free to Contact Us about our availability for teaching a workshop on any of these topics!


Organic Gardening
Our workshops on gardening are fun and educational!  In the past, we’ve covered topics like small space and vertical gardening, non-chemical pest management, cool-season gardening, soil building, water conservation, vermiculture and composting. 
Cooking and Food Preservation
The climate in East Tennessee is good for growing crops 7-9 months out of the year.  In the summer, gardeners often face a glut of produce.  In the winter, options for eating locally dwindle.  By teaching cooking, canning and pickling classes, community members learn how to eat locally and more healthily all year round. 
This one was a big hit!  Rodney from Salamander Spring farm brought oak logs and inoculation equipment.  Shiitake logs take 12-18 months to fruit, but will produce mushrooms for 5-7 years.
Backyard Chickens
Taught by our friends from COOP, this workshop covered the basics of keeping a small backyard flock happy and healthy. 
Taught by members of the Washington County Beekeepers Association, this workshop covered how to get started with apiculture.  If you are interested in bees, we definitely recommend you attend the WCBA’s monthly meetings! 
Seed Saving
Seed saving is integral to increasing independence and preserving our regional heritage by ensuring that local plant varieties are maintained.  This workshop is taught by Jack Woodworth of Ziegenwald Dairy, our local seed-saving extraordinaire. 
Cob Building
Build It Up member, Josette Gust-Fee, is a devotee of cob building.  We are currently building a cob oven at the Tree Street Food Forest.  Cob is a mixture of clay, sand and straw that is used to construct everything from ovens and benches to whole houses.  Check out the current events page for upcoming cob workshops!