backyard garden program

Organic Pest Control: Part 2

This month’s theme is Organic Pest Management!  There are dozens of pests out there that want to munch on your veggies as much as you do!  However, not all bugs in your garden are bad.  In fact, most of the bugs you will see will either be neutral or even beneficial for your garden.  Before […]

BIU Backyard Gardeners: Lisa Pattison

This is our first year with BIU, and the experience has been rewarding! My family has always experimented with backyard gardening, but over the decades and dozens of tomato plants and dreams of homegrown tomato bounty, we’ve yet to find a green thumb among us. This year, we decided to put more planning and education […]

BIU Backyard Gardener: Laura Webb

My family and I were very excited to have found a gardening support group in our area. We built a garden box a couple years back but didn’t find the opportunity to attempt to grow anything until last year. There were a few successes but we were not very confident in our efforts as many […]