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Late June: What to Plant Now

While we just marked the Summer Solstice, it’s been scorching hot and extremely humid for weeks now in East TN.  Summer temps are usually with us by mid-May, so we are well into our summer growing season.  This means that many of the plants that you put in back in early May could be reaching […]

Zucchini plant

Organic Pest Control: Part 1

This month’s theme is Organic Pest Management!  There are dozens of pests out there that want to munch on your veggies as much as you do!  However, not all bugs in your garden are bad.  In fact, most of the bugs you will see will either be neutral or even beneficial for your garden.  Before […]

4 Upcoming Events You Should Attend

Another cold snap has hit the region, but all of us gardeners and farmers are deep into fantasies of seedlings popping up from warmer spring temperatures. That being said, ’tis the season for agricultural conferences and workshops! Here are some great upcoming events that will kick start your growing season this year: 1. Friends of Ag […]