Organic Pest Control: Part 2

This month’s theme is Organic Pest Management!  There are dozens of pests out there that want to munch on your veggies as much as you do!  However, not all bugs in your garden are bad.  In fact, most of the bugs you will see will either be neutral or even beneficial for your garden.  Before […]

BIU Backyard Gardeners: the Giebners 1

  Our first summer in Tennessee has been quite the adventure! We had planned and planted several gardens over the last few years, yet never felt that our plants were successfully producing enough fruits, or even reaching maturity before being infested with pests. Initially, we applied to Build It Up East Tennessee to meet new […]

A Mamma and Her Son’s Garden

I’ve always loved fresh, locally grown veggies but never had the time or experience to garden in the past. Last October, my son and I were blessed to find, a home to buy and found ourselves with a beautiful lawn of rich soil begging to be cultivated – the perfect lawn for this long time […]

Meet Mary Beth & Joe

Joe and I met last fall and we became immediately inseparable.  Although we had many shared interests I had dabbled in the green arts for several years while he was new to gardening.  When we heard about the Market Gardener program we were both excited and hopeful that we could participate.  When we found out […]