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Organic Pest Control: Part 2

This month’s theme is Organic Pest Management!  There are dozens of pests out there that want to munch on your veggies as much as you do!  However, not all bugs in your garden are bad.  In fact, most of the bugs you will see will either be neutral or even beneficial for your garden.  Before […]

Zucchini plant

Late June: What to Plant Now

While we just marked the Summer Solstice, it’s been scorching hot and extremely humid for weeks now in East TN.  Summer temps are usually with us by mid-May, so we are well into our summer growing season.  This means that many of the plants that you put in back in early May could be reaching […]

BIU Backyard Gardener: Lorna 2

I applied for the grant last year, but was not accepted into the program.  I feel so blessed and grateful that I was accepted into the program this year.  Persistence truly does pay off.  I am so thankful that Lexy, Shae, Taylor, Sherri and others have so freely and generously shared their time, knowledge and […]

Homegrown Summer Beauty

The last few months have been full of summer’s abundance. Towards the end of May, Build It Up hosted the Maintaining Your Garden workshop for the Backyard Gardeners. This workshop was held a unique location— Serenity Knolls Farm, located in Jonesborough, TN. This provided Gardeners, both the youngers and the adults, the opportunity to see […]

Build It Up– Growing Food, Growing Life

Much continues to sprout and blossom as Build It Up carries out its vision of local food justice and sovereignty, thriving pollinator populations, and growing societal values of ecological literacy and caring stewardship for community lands and gardens in East Tennessee. At the first Backyard Gardeners workshop Planning Your Garden that took place last month, […]

Springtime Blossoms

Though Spring has only just begun, much has already sprouted on Build It Up (BIU) terrain. The first Backyard Gardeners Program (BGP) optional potluck Meet & Greet on Sunday, March 20, brought together members of the 2016 program for the first time. Though not all were able to attend the potluck, the room was full of anticipation— […]

Welcome to the Bashor Homestead 1

A year ago my husband, three kids, and I bought and moved into our first home in Jonesborough, TN. It was always our dream to raise our children in the country, so this house outside city limits and atop a sloping 1.6 acres, was ideal for us. We had always kept a small garden in […]

Meet Mary Beth & Joe

Joe and I met last fall and we became immediately inseparable.  Although we had many shared interests I had dabbled in the green arts for several years while he was new to gardening.  When we heard about the Market Gardener program we were both excited and hopeful that we could participate.  When we found out […]