Gardener Story: Jenna Upton

I’ve always dreamed of having my own garden. The real kind- with long rows and plants that sprawl along the ground. But growing up in the city, and living in tiny apartments and condos most of my adult life limited this dream to tiny containers and low light plants.

Once we purchased our first home with a small bit of land I began to day dream about creating a garden space again. However, for some reason dirt + plants = food, seemed really daunting. There were so many questions I didn’t know the answers to: Do I have enough space and sunlight? How will I keep pests away without using round up!? Could I afford everything I needed to do this?

So, when I happened to pass a friendly face at the Build It Up booth during a local seed swap earlier this year everything almost magically came together! This smiling and all knowing face informed me that Build It Up provides plants, seeds, tools, fertilizer, organic pest control, AND someone to come and till your land.

WHAT?! Get out!!!

In consideration of all the times in my life that something has been too good to be true: Build It Up some how exceeded all of my expectations. I’ve saved hundreds of dollars in making this tiny green dream of mine come to fruition and I’ve successfully accomplished something from my life’s bucket list. I couldn’t recommend the program more highly to anyone who is considering joining Build It Up.

More images from Jenna’s garden!