Gardener Story: Latosha Morrison

When I started gardening last year, I had no idea what I was doing. We filled and filled but were unable to get all of the grass clumps out of the garden. I soon found myself in a ton of weeds. I did not know which were weeds and which were plants coming up. Fast forward to this year. I am beyond thankful I found Build It Up. I have learned so much and put the effort into my garden. And it is already starting to show the rewards.

This year we decided to rent a sod remover. It was an awesome little machine. We removed the sod and relocated it to a muddy spot in the back yard (and it took off! No more muddy spot! YAY!). We then got the garden tilled up and I made my rows. Maintaining the weeds and such before we got our plants was a little tricky. (I must not have been paying attention when Lexy told us to keep the garden covered after tilling to keep the weeds down lol.)

My main goal planting this year was to get a good amount of tomatoes, peppers, cilantro, and onions to make salsa for my husband. So far, everything is growing well. My only issue I have had is my green beans and corn. I planted plenty of both and so far only a couple of each has sprouted. I’m not sure what is going on with them. But, all in all, I’m pretty happy and excited with the progress we have made. I am continuously learning new things and new ways of doing gardening. Thank you Build It Up for teaching me how to garden!

More images from Latosha’s garden!