Gardener Story: Laura Webb

Gardening has definitely been an experience of growth in and out of the yard. My family’s garden efforts give us a common focus of accomplishment, teaches us efforts vs output, and that caring and teaches us that tending allows growth to transition with strength.

We have come to enjoy our new family tradition of creating meals we cook together from what we grew together. This often includes learning how to prepare a new veggie or gourd or learning different ways to spice them up. My son began enjoying tomatoes, but only from the garden. Beets were what I began enjoying for the first time. This year we are trying spaghetti squash and various herbs. 

After getting through the hard gardening work, we have also learned ways to preserve excessive crops such as  freezing, canning, and new to this year we will learn about and trying dehydrating. These new techniques are helping extend the shelf life of the fruits of our labor.

My son is a teenager this year and instead of his time going 75% toward screen time this summer, I’ve bartered access to his techno hobbies with a reasonable task or two in the garden first. Now, when he emerges from his room and I’m poking around in the garden, he asks if he can help me. And like the gardener in us all, he will often get distracted and be outside longer than he intends, cultivating strength and passion for the outdoors!

We are all applying consistent efforts in our gardens and have adopted behaviors needed to maintain them for years to come.


More images from Laura’s garden!