Gardener Story: Rick & Dawn Hess

This is our 2nd year with Build It Up, and we have learned so much!

Our first year we started a brand new garden from scratch. Brought in compost, covered the grass, then covered with a tarp for a couple weeks to discourage the grass from trying to grow through. Add in a bamboo fence and voila! A garden spot! That was the easy part…

We had a lot to learn, and Build It Up flooded us with information. We were rather overwhelmed, and applied what we learned imperfectly, but still had amazing results!

By the time Fall rolled around, the persistent grass-from-before-garden overwhelmed us, so we laid down the cover crop and hoped for a good Spring. And so far this year is off to a great start. We’re getting the same info as last year from Build It Up, but it’s less overwhelming. The cover crop worked well, and cardboard seems to be making a better path cover choice for us. The plants are growing like crazy and the grass is losing ground (finally!).  

We are so very thankful for all we learned from Build It Up. We were blessed to share a bountiful harvest with friends and neighbors last year, and I learned to make amazing refrigerator pickles! This year we are hoping to apply what we’ve learned even better, and to experience an even more bountiful harvest. It’s a special pleasure to know these plants have not been exposed to chemicals, one step in the effort to lead healthier lives. We enjoy sharing the veggies of our labor, and are working to add canning to our store of knowledge. Thank you, Build It Up!

More images from the Hess garden!