Gardener Story: Georgia Sinko

My name is Georgia and this is my second year in the Build It Up program. I live in Hampton and have been gardening in some capacity most of my life. My parents taught my siblings and myself to grow our own food, to cook, and to preserve our produce through canning and freezing it. Since I moved to Hampton, I have been growing produce in my garden and also in a high tunnel unheated greenhouse for our family of 5. We finished the greenhouse in late fall of 2018 and began to plant… What a learning experience it has been! We have maintained some sort of crop in the high tunnel since then, ranging from greens and brassicas in the winter to beans, hot peppers, and tomatoes in the summer.

     Last year, with the help of Build It Up, I grew the best garden I’ve ever grown and grew things I had never grown before! I successfully grew broccoli, cauliflower, leeks, garlic, kale, and sweet potatoes for the first time in addition to successfully growing everything I had already grown in previous years. I also have benefited greatly from the organization and planning of my garden that Build It Up teaches to its budding gardeners. This year I want to try growing brussel sprouts and celery for the first time and I know I am in good hands in this program. My three boys are excited to have their own rows in the garden this year and we have already drawn up what they want to plant and how we will space it. I have already learned tons from Build It Up and I’m looking forward to learning even more this year! 

More images from Georgia’s Garden!