Gardener Story: Tim Ross

Introducing: Build It Up Gardener Tim Ross!

 I’m having fun so far. I’ve pulled weeds in gardens since I was a kid, but wanted to learn how to to grow a successful organic garden. The group has been really helpful in all areas of growing a vegetable garden. I’ve got three boxes and some pots growing, maybe 300 square feet planted. I’ve learned how to be more successful in growing seeds under a grow light, the use of organic fertilizer, organic pest control, and treating plant diseases. In my garden, I’m mostly growing vegetables, but tossed in some flowers this year for fun. Among the veggies I’m growing are: tomatoes, okra, peppers, eggplant, kale, lettuce, onions, cabbage, cucumbers on trellis, beans, and beets. I’ve also learned to do the Florida Weave with my tomatoes. It sounds like a dance, but is really just a simple way of tying up the plants. I think one of the best things about growing a garden is working with others. I have two grad school gardeners helping out this year.

I just ordered drip irrigation equipment and I’m really excited to give that a try too. I’ve heard it’s good for weed control and you can even run liquid fertilizer right to the plants. I’m also very excited to try to grow at least three seasons this year. Our BIU meetings have gone online, but it’s all good. The help I’ve gotten has been wonderful. Thanks BIU friends!

More images from Tim’s Garden!