Gardener Story: Eddy Hogan

            We are currently putting up an electric fence to protect our garden from deer and three groundhogs (Mom and two babies). My wife, Norma, and I have gardened on a small scale for years, but we have learned a tremendous amount from BIU and greatly expanded what we grow. We are grateful for all the education, materials, and assistance. It’s made a big difference in our lives. 

            Some crops we’ve added include spaghetti squash, celery (not successful so far, still working on it), broccoli, cabbage, and scallions. We’ve also added new varieties of  lettuce (wonderful gourmet mix), summer squash, and tomatoes. We’ve also learned new strategies for organic pest and disease control (example: organic fungicide), organic fertilizers (more and more effective than just the compost we’ve always used), and better crop rotation.

           The equipment from BIU has greatly improved our practices—metal T-posts, plastic trellis, string, zip ties, and the fabulous triangular hoe. Our garden is neater, cleaner, and much more productive.


More images from the Eddy’s garden!