Gardener Story: Justin Clark

Introducing new gardeners: Justin and Anne Marie Clark!

This is our second year of attempting a garden – and our first year at our current home. We knew we wanted some staples that we have grown to love before (bush beans, cucumbers, peppers). But also wanted to try some different things such as potatoes, onions, and a few different varieties of tomatoes.

We’ve learned several lessons about weed control along the way – and are still fighting that battle. It was really easy in the early stages of the season to get discouraged when we went to work on the garden and found more weeds than anything else. But as the season has progressed and we’ve gotten more diligent about weeding, the results have been fantastic!

Earlier this year, our family started on a journey towards a healthier lifestyle. Being able to walk outside and harvest a variety of fresh vegetables to throw on the grill has made it all the more exciting and encouraging. We’re currently big fans of all things squash related – and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our tomatoes and cucumbers. We also have thoroughly enjoyed the process of harvesting fresh herbs for cooking, and for drying for future use.

This year we also expanded and started growing three different kinds of berries, and three different kinds of melons. The only thing the melons have done so far is give us some excellent ground cover while getting ready (protip: take those distancing guidelines to heart!). However, there are few things more refreshing than picking some strawberries for dessert with our toddler and enjoying them together.

Gardening for us has really become a family affair. Whether it’s advice from our grandparents from their years of experience, or teaching our boys the process of patiently waiting for the harvest, there are so many lessons to be learned in the dirt. We are looking forward to learning more and honing our skills for years to come.

More images from Justin’s garden!