Gardener Story: Tim Ross

This is my second year in the program. The first year was great—the perfect activity for the “Year of Covid.” I established a new garden last year using raised beds. I learned a lot about organic gardening through our sessions, and by trying out new organic products that came through the program. I also enjoyed sessions on canning and food preservation. My new superpower is making pickles!

This year I am working to expand the garden, and create a bed for potatoes and squash.  I am currently cutting back brush, covering the new ground with cardboard, and will bring in a few loads of rich farm dirt (thanks to Lucas, a new friend from the Build It Up group.) I really enjoy the work and the friendships that gardening and working together can help create.

My other big news is that I’m starting to keep bees this year. A bee-keeper friend is mentoring me, and some friends from church (including George from our group) and I built some hives together. We are trying to capture some wild swarms, and we are buying some bees to get us started. I’m hoping for a little honey, and hoping to improve the bee population in my neighborhood for the good of us all. Long ago I managed a beekeeping project in Kenya, and I have adapted the old logo we used for my labels: “Warrior Gold Honey.” There’s a lot to learn, so I’ve been reading books and watching YouTube videos. I’m happy to share anything I learn along the way. You can reach me at

More images from Tim’s garden!