Gardener Story: Rebecca DeLong

       “2021 is my family’s second year in the BIU program. Last year was a whirlwind with the pandemic and adjusting to life differently. Part of that adjustment involved substantially more time learning how to grow vegetables in a garden that was much larger than any our family had ever had before. Last year seemed overwhelming at times, but we pulled together to produce a very substantial crop that we were all very proud of. 
       This second year has brought another year of the BIU program and new experiences to challenge and encourage us to grow further. We have selected a few new crops this year that we did not try last year. Garlic is popping up from last year’s planting. As well as parsnips, white potatoes, and several different types of hot peppers that we picked up from the Jonesborough Farmers Market. We also planted some rutabaga seeds we had from a project a couple years ago.
       Sophia (7), Olivia (6) and Liam (4) are participating even more this year. They help to pull weeds, set up landscaping paper, and they have their own special plants that they are responsible for this year. Olivia named her pepper plant Carl! They each also picked the crop that they are most excited about growing this year. Sophia’s is onions because “we put them in everything we cook!”. Olivia and Liam are excited about the sugar snap peas because Olivia loved eating them right off the plants and Liam is Olivia’s little shadow! 
       We continue to be so grateful for the BIU program and everything that it is has offered our family. The kids are so proud of what they have been able to create with the food that we produced and look forward to an even larger bounty this year!”

More images from Rebecca’s garden!