Gardener Story: Mary Kate Williams

Greetings Green Thumbed friends, and those who aspire to be. My name is Mary Kate Williams and my family and I are first year gardeners and excited to be accepted into the Build It Up program. I have to admit, gardening abilities and the self-sufficiency and gratification they provide have always been a dream of mine. However, I find gardening incredibly intimidating, especially when trying to explain all we are doing to my 7 & 8 year olds when I barely feel like I know what to do. Hence my gratitude for the Build it Up program and a community of seasoned veteran gardeners (and fellow newbies) from whom we can learn. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve repeated Lexy’s words from our first Zoom meeting/gardening lesson: “Gardening is an exercise in failure.” They are a great comfort.

I am loving all the tips and tricks shared on the YouTube channel and in the zoom meetings. Suggestions that are such genius and others that I still don’t know quite why they work but trust the years of tried and true experience behind them. There is so much information available at our fingertips these days, it can be hard to wade through it all. But the expertise and care from a friendly and familiar Northeast Tennessee face is second to none.

If last year crawled at a snail’s pace with everything being put on hold, this year feels like it’s moving at warp speed. We’re just trying to hold on and enjoy the ride and hopefully a few of the fruits of our labor along the way.

More images from Mary Kate’s garden!