Gardener Story: Andrew Presnell

Hello! This is year two for the Presnells with Build It Up. We continue to learn more about our garden and how to keep it going. In the new year, we have added four more raised beds to our garden. We now have four 3ft x 10ft beds and four 3ft x 20ft beds. We filled the beds with cow compost and the plants seemed to have loved it! We are trying to use the extra space to spread out what we grow. The tomatoes did not get the memo and have gone crazy (see the picture)! Oh well! Good problems.

We feel like the support allows us to grow our efforts and experiment in the garden more. We have tried some new stuff this year. Leeks have been our most successful new vegetable in the garden. We are hoping to try one this week and see if they are ready to harvest. The resources that are available will continue to inform us as we move to BIU Alumni status next year and in years to come.

We are really trying to plan for a sustained garden for the following years. We plan to extend the season with our frost cloth and hoops this year as we experiment with some more vegetables this fall. We will also be trying to grow cover crop over the winter to help with soil health and weeds (our compost came with some plants of its own this year). Build It Up has been the help we have needed to really jumpstart our vegetable gardening, and the Presnell family will be eternally grateful as we cultivate green thumbs and good harvests.

More images from Andrew’s garden!