2020 Workshops

March 2nd & 5th

Planning Your Garden

Learn about best practices for situating and starting a new garden, how to plan out your garden for the year, and draw a garden map.

April 2nd & 6th

Planting Your Garden

Learn about how to plant seeds and transplants, care for young plants, best practices for watering, and using thick mulches to promote better growth.

May 4th & 7th

Organic Disease Control

Learn about best practices for preventing problems in your garden, identifying common diseases, and using organic sprays.

June 1st & 4th

Organic Pest Control

Learn about best practices for preventing pest problems before they get out of hand, integrated pest management, identifying common pests, and using organic sprays.

August 3rd & 6th

Soil Health & Fall Gardening

Learn the 5 principles of soil health, all about cover crops, converting to no-till, and planting out a fall garden.

September 10th & 14th

Season Extension Techniques

Learn about easy, low-tech ways of extending your growing season into the winter months, what varieties to pick, and how to construct low tunnels for frost protection.

Our gardening workshops will be held in Johnson City and Elizabethton at locations that will be disclosed to participants once they have been accepted into the program.  Our gardening workshops are not open to the public.  However, our cooking and food preservation workshops often are.  Check back soon for the 2020 schedule for our cooking workshops!

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